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Whatever your reasons are for visiting my website, I'm so glad you're here!  No matter how far we've come on our healing journey, we can all use help sometimes.


Even when we are firmly committed to being happy, we can sometimes find ourselves lost. We can get stuck in a loop of making the same mistakes over and over when we repeat old patterns.


We can also get knocked off of our path when an unexpected life change happens and we aren't prepared for it.

There are plenty of reasons to look for guidance, healing, and support. Here are a few common ones:

  • Feeling stuck, and no matter how much self-work you do, things don't change

  • Repeating old patterns

  • Chronic illness, both mental and physical

  • Questioning existence, or wondering if you have a mission

  • Awakening to abilities and want to learn more about how to master them

  • Disconnection to Higher Self and your multidimensionality

  • Desire to learn how to facilitate healings for others, or enhance your existing practice

  • Having difficulty with creation flow

  • Feeling like you don't belong, or you're not from here

  • Ascension support    



We are our own wisest counsel, but sometimes we have a hard time getting out of the way and listening to what the smartest part of us has to say.


I've been helping people with their healing process since 2001, and even I still go to outside sources when I need some extra support and guidance.


I offer a number of guidance and multidimensional support tools that  allow for remarkable transformations, which often happen within short periods of time. Whatever area of your life that you want to work on- body and health, love and relationships, career and money, intuitive development, or something else- it will be addressed in a safe and empowering way.


The majority of my services can be done remotely, so you can get back into balance without having to leave your home.


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Empaths are notorious for absorbing other people's emotions and energy. Here are some tips to stop sponging.


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