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If you're into spirituality at all, you've probably seen this word all over the place lately. As we go through this Ascension cycle, many people are waking up to the fact that humans are multi-dimensional beings.

Humans consist of a Mind/ Body/Spirit that exists in multiple realities, in multiple dimensions, on different planets, and inside and outside of time. Since our current frame of reference is firmly planted in the 3D realm, we can struggle with the reality that we are HUGE souls focused on a small fraction of our fullness. We can also struggle with our connection to the natural world, and being embodied.


Looking at light from a 3D perspective, all we see is synthetic light, or the organic light from the sun that's filtered through the earth's atmosphere. The truth is that the organic living light we're made of is far from the stagnant, dead light emitted from a light bulb. It moves, it flows, it spins, more like a river or stream. It's made up of colors that are difficult for us to imagine because they don't exist in our 3D reality.


The organic living light of our energy fields contain vast amounts of information. It contains the codes for everything that we need to know to help us to fully heal both ourselves and our planetary body. We can also block that light and inhibit it's flow when we move out of balance for whatever reason.


I offer a number of guidance and multidimensional support tools that  allow for remarkable transformations, which often happen within short periods of time. Whatever area of your life that you want to work on- body and health, love and relationships, career and money, intuitive development, or something else- it will be addressed in a safe and empowering way. My goal is to help you to see yourself how I see you, as a beautiful being of light with a purpose here on this planet.


The majority of my services can be done remotely, so you can get back into balance without having to leave your home.


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Emily L.

My session with Barbara was incredible! I felt the energy shift quickly! I had been to many therapists and doctors for months and didn’t get from them what Barbara gave me in 1 session. I would recommend her from the bottom of my heart. I feel like she’s a miracle and I feel blessed by angel. I believe in her intuition, her sensitivity, her gift, her genuine desire to heal, and her intelligence. She puts in the effort and the results for me, enough said; she’s quite an unusual gem!

Lucia I.

My healing session with Barbara was a truly transformative experience! I felt a lot more peaceful and literally lighter after the session, as if a heavy burden was lifted. It was amazing when so much stuck energy "unlocked" and was released. It had been accumulated both as a result of my own traumatic past experiences and by absorbing others' energies.
As an empath and a HSP, I truly recommend to anyone with high sensitivity to work with Barbara. I am forever grateful to have met her and to have been a part of this healing! She is an amazing teacher and a beautiful Human.
Thank you, Barbara!

Holly T.

Barbara Buck is the real deal! After an amazing distance healing session with Barbara, my pain levels are significantly decreased as she removed some dense attachments that were feeding off my pain. She also confirmed some information that I was on the fence about. Absolutely recommend working with Barbara!

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