Everyone who lives on Earth has wounds. We can become firmly enmeshed in states of fear, anger, and sadness for a long time, until we’ve finally had enough. When we make the decision to change, the Universe conspires in our favor by bringing us the tools, events, and people we need that will help us heal.

Each ascension cycle brings new frequencies that are designed to bring us closer to our connection to Source. These energies can cause a lot of physical and emotional friction when we aren't fully in alignment with our Higher Self's intentions for us and what we came here to complete. It can be frustrating when we feel disconnected, blocked, or not fully embodied. Being on Earth in this time space can be rough sometimes!


Sometimes we might not have old wounds that make us feel stuck, but old belief patterns that hold us back from living our best life. Most of the time we don’t recognize them, yet we continue to act according to habits and beliefs that were never ours to begin with. They were created by other people- our parents, grandparents, friends, society, and religious leaders, and we've taken them on as our own.

An Ascension Alignment Reading can help find mismatched intentions, energetic blocks, and programming that might be keeping you out of alignment with your Soul's greatest longings. It will also give you clear cut guidance on how to get back on track and on mission.

I do a full scan of your 5D Hara system that will show exactly where and what the blocks are that have knocked you off track, then share them with you in a recorded video. You also get a  drawing of my interpretation. All readings will be done within 7 days of receipt of payment and sent to you by email. If I can't do it within that time frame for any reason, I will notify you immediately.


People tend to have “Ah-ha!” moments from these readings. I am trained to see things from a larger, deeper perspective than most people do, so I can help you to see your life from a completely different angle than you might be used to. When you step outside of the box and see the big picture, it can be a life changing experience.



 I offer guidance and support, and help you to get in touch with your highest and best self, which I believe is smarter than the both of us put together.







The Hara Line, or Line of Intention, is the fifth dimensional aspect of a human being. We exist as five dimensional beings. The third dimensional self is our physical body and the material objects that surround us. The fourth dimensional self is our auric field. Our fifth dimensional self is the Hara Line, or Line of Intention.


When we chose to come into material form, our higher selves did so with intention. We intended to come here to learn certain things and serve a certain purpose. We put all of these intentions onto the Hara Line and then created a physical form. 


The Hara Line is the foundation for the aura, which is the foundation for the physical body. Our intentions and actions have a direct effect on the Hara Line, so if they are mismatched, or are out of alignment with our higher self desires, this misalignment will show up on the Hara Line, which then shows up in the auric field, then in the body as disease.


When doing a Life Intentions reading, we are checking the Hara Line for mismatched intentions and actions, which can be caught before they show up in the aura. If an illness or emotional issues have already manifested, the core reason behind the problems can be intuited and addressed. A Life Intentions reading will also help you to reconnect to your life purpose and align with Divine Will.

Life Intentions readings are done remotely. You will receive an email that includes a picture of how I perceive your line, along with a video where I explain what areas you might be out of alignment, including:




Life Path

I am also happy to answer a follow-up question for you about the reading via email. Any other questions would need to be answered in a general intuitive counseling session.

Click here to see a sample reading.

If you would like a Life Intentions Reading, click on the button below to prepay. Within 5 days, I will send you an email with a few questions that I need answered in order to help me to know what area of your life you would like me to focus on. You will receive your reading within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Enjoy!


Ascension is a completely natural evolutionary process that is happening on all levels of our being. The process itself can cause us to experience intense shifts in vibrational frequency and expanded awareness that can be disconcerting. We are remembering our multidimensionality, so things can get pretty weird sometimes.


We can also experience what are called "ascension symptoms" because our energetic system is rebooting and upgrading. We become more able to embody higher frequencies of light, but many dark aspects that have been hidden will also come to the surface for healing. Light illuminates shadow, so the more we align with our higher purpose and ascension timeline, the more difficult these "dark nights of the soul" can be to traverse.

There may be periods when the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time; then suddenly these symptoms may abruptly cease altogether, or symptoms may suddenly change or shift in intensity or frequency.


The ascension experience is different for everyone and symptoms can vary according to one's individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and even individual purpose on the planet.


I function as an intuitive, empathic guide, and coach for anyone in need of ascension support. I can help you find answers to your questions about ascension symptoms, where blocks are that might be hindering your evolution, energetic shifts due to downloads or energy systems structural changes, and help you align more fully with your mission and ascension timeline.