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Reconnect and align with your highest truth

I believe that every person is born with intuitive abilities and can use them to transform and enhance their life. If you don't think that you're intuitive, I'm here to tell you that you are wrong.


You simply haven't figured out what they are yet.


There is a field of information that exists which contains all knowledge. The army calls it "the matrix" in their remote viewing training manual. When we use our intuition, we are able to access this field and "pluck out" bits of information from it. Each one of us has a specific way of filtering this data, and once we understand our own unique method, we can obtain information about ourselves and others that we didn't have access to before.


Connecting to our intuition and developing our abilities brings us more into alignment with our Higher Self and the Source. It creates self awareness and a deeper understanding of who we are and why we're here.


One of my abilities is to help others to find and enhance their gifts. I've worked with people from both ends of the spectrum- from those who have no idea that they are psychic, to advanced professional psychics and mediums who want to learn a new skill set, or are feeling blocked.


I'm committed to creating a safe, loving, and supportive environment where you can awaken, explore, and enhance your skills.





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