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Reconnective Healing

The universe has expanded into new healing frequencies. Some of them, like the frequency used in Reconnective Healing, reconnect people to their original fullness as human beings.

Etheric Attachment and Implant Removal

Etheric implants, parasites, and attachments are a hot topic in healing circles in the last few years. While there are many different theories and beliefs about where they come from, the fact is that they exist and can be intuited by many people. Most have them in one form or another.

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Multidimensional Lightbody Clearing

We are multidimensional beings. What most people think we are is a microcosm of what we actually are. We've gone through a great sleep and forgotten how big we are, and that we have access to limitless amounts of energy, light, and information.

Emotional Energy Mastery and Trauma Release 

The key to our ascension on this planet is to bring all of our fragments back together and heal them. One of the ways we can do that is to heal trauma permanently in every layer of our reality.

We can do this by finding the core wounds and using specific techniques to transmute them into light energy, giving you more energy that can be used to shift to higher frequencies.

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