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Etheric Attachment

Etheric Attachments

Etheric implants, parasites, and attachments are a hot topic  in healing circles in the last few years. While there are many different theories and beliefs about what they are and where they come from, the fact is that they exist and can be intuited by many people. Most people have them in one form or another, and this is especially true for people who consider themselves lightworkers.

They can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually debilitating because they lower energetic vibrations, disconnect us from Source, and limit our natural abilities that are inherent in every living soul. They can impact health, emotions, thoughts, and even higher-self guidance. They can hijack the natural state of being on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Implant, parasite, and attachment removal can help you come back into a state of balance in a way that you haven’t experienced before. For many, when they first feel what it’s like to no longer have them, they realize that they’ve never experienced health, happiness, or connection to self fully until then. Most people also experience a quiet mind, and calm state of awareness for the first time. 

It’s important to understand, though, that receiving an etheric clearing isn’t the end of your healing journey. If you want to stay clear, a basic understanding of how energy can attach to you is important, as well as doing regular self-work to fully claim your space. 


Check out my interview with Ascension Diaries host Alexis Buck. We discuss etheric implants, energy healing, and what's really going on with this ascension cycle. 

How Etheric Attachments Happen

I no longer offer Etheric Implant Removal as a service

We human beings are masters at stuffing down our feelings and ignoring our incredible capacity to heal almost any trauma we experience. Even if we do our self work, though, old emotions can get stuck on both a cellular and energetic level. 

Emotions are physical responses to something -a thought, trigger, or experience- that generates bioelectric energy. The energy we create when we have one has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. When we stop an emotion from happening -we stuff it down, ignore it, try to meditate it away, don’t honor that feeling negative emotions is just as important as feeling good ones- the emotional energy starts to “slow down,” or condense. This causes blocks in our energy fields.


These blocks ultimately manifest in the physical body as disease, and they cause most of our physical pain, illness, and emotional struggles.

​Emotions are the body’s way of telling us that it likes or dislikes a thing, thought, or experience. When we don’t feel them fully and allow our body to express itself, the body will get “louder and louder” when it thinks we need to know something.

Etheric parasites attach to this condensed emotional energy that’s no longer flowing and feed off of the dense, dark energy that's created as a result of these blocks. They use it as food and fuel and have evolved some interesting ways to ensure we grow even more of it. 

​Over time, they've learned that if they attach energetic implants, which are simply thought forms that have resonance patterns with that specific blocked emotional energy to the denser portions of our fields, we put off more negative energy for them to harvest. They're like negative energy farmers who will do anything to get what they think they need from us.

The truth is that these beings are simply thought forms that have been cut off from Source for whatever reason, and they desperately want to exist in the physical world. The closest they think they can get to that is to attach to us and live vicariously through us. 

​These implants can create a loop cycle over existing trauma, making it extremely difficult to release old emotions, no matter how much work we do to heal and clear them. They can make us feel like the work we do on a specific issue is never-ending, and nothing ever changes.

​All human beings have the capacity to remove these implants, parasites, and attachments on their own by creating a "hostile environment" that contains no negative energy. We have to claim all of ourselves, but most of us, including most healers, don’t perceive ourselves in a multidimensional way yet. 

​An important part of keeping yourself free and clear of attachments is learning how to keep yourself clear, getting tools to help you increase energy flow, and help with trauma release, soul recovery, and basic golden light frequency techniques to help you claim your space. Followup sessions are sometimes needed to help with implants that might be difficult for you to get off on your own, as well as doing trauma release and learning tools that will help with removal. Even the most skilled implant removal facilitators will occasionally need help clearing something. 

Here is a meditation that helps you use golden frequency to keep yourself clear.

Golden Frequency immersion MeditationArtist Name
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Testimonials for Etheric Implant, Parasite, and Removal Sessions

"Barbara's ability to connect to the etheric realm is extraordinary. She has a gift to 'see' and 'remove' the implants that keep us stuck in a loop of lies & illusion. I myself am an energy worker, and I rely on Barbara's skills to keep me tuned up. She doesn't operate from any place of judgement. She is compassionate, skilled, gentle, and efficient in doing the work that keeps her clients in a place of peace and ease."

Natanya Washburn

"When I met Barbara, I beelined to her! I feel my subconscious knew I needed what she knows. With pure intention, compassion and ability, she's helped me release something I've struggled with daily for over ten years. I feel so free... finally. A true inspiration. I can't thank you enough. Mahalo!"

Mia Rome


"A few days ago I spent some time with Barbara for an etheric attachment release session. It was immediately helpful in renewing physical well being and overall balance. Barb is truly gifted with seeing implants and successfully removing them. She taught me the back story and also gave me what I needed to follow through on my healing. Barbara is always gentle and loving and easy to work with."

Maureen Poorman

"I had an incredible clearing with Barbara today - I feel like one of her biggest strengths may be in finding and clearing the energetic blind spots in which other healers are unable to reach or get to on their own - this has definitely been the issue for me lately and she was able to identify and remove something that has been causing me incredible emotional pain lately. Barbara also took the time to talk with me about what she saw going on energetically and gave me practical, usable advice for what I may encounter going forward. I feel like it should be known that Barbara is absolutely the real deal, and capable of completely shifting your emotional and energetic state of being. She's doing some major work and I'm so grateful for the assistance I received today!!"

Matthew Mournian

"Barbara is the real deal! She was able to confirm things that I never told anyone! Before the reading and cleansing, I actually believed I was crazy. However, the fact that she went into very specific detail about the very things I was questioning about my in my life and reality, only Creator/God and I knew! I had the gift of sight before, then something happened in my life that made me block my gift. Now I have that gift back with the help of a very dear sister and Barbara. Thank you!

The clearing, cleaning, and removal of EVERYTHING left me feeling better than I have in years- I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sporadic hemipoligic migraines, and a whole host of mental illnesses, as well as anxiety disorders. I will recommend her to anyone that asks!"

Tinnekia Williams

"I had my first etheric release session with Barbara a couple months ago, and it was life changing. I am an engineer and a very logical thinker, so the concept of intuitive development and energy work were things I had a lot of skepticism toward. However, after seeing and feeling Barbara’s removal of negative entities, there is no denying the power and benefits of her work. During the hour and a half session, I gradually felt tension, both physical and mental, leave my body. By the end of the session I felt supercharged. It felt like the world stopped around me and my senses went into overdrive. It was the biggest surge of clarity and peace I have ever experienced. Life around me has been steadily changing ever since. I do not have as many “off days” where I feel sluggish and lack motivation, coworkers with poor relations have become friends filled with laughter and happiness, barriers I have been struggling to breach have shattered, and the biggest of all is the affect it has had on my family. We have been going through a very low point the past year, and we are returning to our happy normal selves. Barbara’s removals not only benefit you, it is contagious to everyone around you as well. I feel like a huge gap that I have been struggling to pinpoint has been effortlessly filled overnight. I highly recommend trying at least one session with her. Anyone and everyone can benefit greatly in ways they did not think possible. It is worth every penny and so much more. Barbara genuinely cares about her clients and is changing lives every day. Hands down 5/5 stars."

Jared Horne

"I am so grateful I was lead to Barbara's website. My etheric implant removal session with her feels like a huge milestone in my awakening. She did a great job gently explaining everything, is by far one of the most clairvoyant healers I've worked with, and provided follow up tools and resources to help me continue self-healing and raising my vibration that are proving to be very effective. I've been on the healing path for over 11 years and feel the insight and information I received from my session with her is some of the most profound, and is helping me move forward in a most powerful way. For me as an awakening lightworker, her guidance and healing abilities are invaluable."

Shannon Layne

Trauma Release

Trauma Release and Soul Fragment Integration

Etheric implants and entities are located on the fourth dimension, and its lower levels are not the most enjoyable place to hang out. They're filled with negative energy and thought forms, and entities who don't have our best intentions in mind.

The more evolved realms of the fourth also have many positive energies and entities that honor our sovereignty and consciously help us with our evolutionary process.

The entire fourth layer of our reality works on the premise of like attracts like. The only way that negative energy can give us any trouble is if we resonate with it on some level, and there are very few people on the planet who don't, no matter how much self-work they do.

Every time we make a decision that isn't in alignment with our higher self's intentions, or we create blocks in our energy field from old trauma or emotions that haven't been fully expressed and transmuted into healthy energy, a damaged area of our energy field is created that can attract energies and entities that make the situation worse. 

Human beings are really complex creatures. We exist in multiple dimensions, inside and outside of time, in the past, the present, and the future. What this means is that we've got trauma all over the place, not just in the here and now. 

In the present on this glorious earth, we've been given the opportunity to evolve at a rapid pace, so many of our higher selves don't want to squander the chance to shift humanity to the next level of evolution. Many of us have chosen to heal our human selves in ALL time space, which means that we are dealing with trauma from the past, present, and future, in our current 3D bodies. 

If you're doing your shadow work in your present incarnation, you're way ahead of the rest of the class, but there is still work to be done. If you're reading this, then you're probably one of those brave souls who decided to heal their trauma in all your other lives, including future ones. 

That means that you've probably been dealing with attachments and health issues, and most of them are hard to heal. On top of that, every time you create an energy block, you create a split in your current timeline, creating a new one, which fragments your spirit in a way that your higher self didn't intend. 

The key to our ascension on this planet is to bring all of our fragments back together and heal them. One of the ways we can do that is to heal trauma permanently in every layer of our reality.


We can do this by finding the core wounds and using specific techniques to transmute them into light energy, giving you more energy that can be used to shift to higher frequencies. During the process, you'll also integrate the healed soul fragments into your collective energy. 


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