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Multidimensional Mastery Group Mentoring

 Level 1: Our Multidimensional Self Container from May 23-June 27, 2021

Level 2: HSP & MD Lightbody Activation Container from July 11-August 1, 2021

Level 3: Gaia Mystery School Container from August 15-September 5, 2021

Classes held on Sunday from 10am to 12pm PT

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The most sacred job that I can do as a healer during this ascension cycle is to hold a clear space for others to be able to heal on a multidimensional level, and to aid them in a deeper connection to their inner god-self. Part of creating that space is understanding all the different facets of what a full spectrum human experiences.

Deep multidimensional healing requires fearlessness and letting go of preconceived ideas about what healing actually is, all while in total surrender to our highest alignment of self. This is no small feat, but necessary as we move into higher density realities. Many of our old tried and true methods for healing no longer serve us. We are evolving as a species, and our ideas about healing need to evolve, too.

I’ve created the International Academy of Multidimensionality mentoring programs to assist beings with activating, aligning, and fully embodying their multidimensional aspects of self. In this Ascension cycle, we are not becoming something else, we are Remembering what we already are. All the information we need for our journey here is encoded in our lightbody and genetics. For many of us, our map to access it has been hidden because of trauma and programming that is multi-layered and often incredibly old. We've gone through a great forgetting, and now is the time to wake up.

Level One: Our Multidimensional Self $333

Consists of six 2 hour workshops done weekly from May 23-June 27


Level 1 focuses on foundation and activating to the concept of what a multidimensional human is. This curated content is a deep dive journey into your fullness as a human and what light and information you've got access to within your energy field. We look at everything from our lightfield structures, our connection into the astral realm and the interference we may experience there, trauma healing, and emotional self mastery.

Week 1: Multidimensionality Introduction and Activation

Week 2: Energetic Structure & Function of Lightbody  Layers 1-7

               Chakra Filters

Week 3: The Astral Realm 

               Etheric Entities and Implants

Week 4: Boundaries and Claiming Your Space

               Sovereignty in Relationships

               Emotional Healing and Self Mastery

Week 5: Trauma and How It Affects the Lightbodies

               Claiming Energetic Boundaries with Golden Frequency Immersion 

Week 6: Q&A


     Pre-recorded content: Golden Frequency Immersion Meditation

Level 2: Higher Sensory Perception and Light body Activation $222

Consists of four 2 hour workshops from July 11-August 1

Level 2 is designed to give you greater access to your supernormal abilities, intuition, your lighbody intelligence,  self sourcing healing energy, Higher Mind wisdom, 5th dimensional blueprint, and much more. 


Week 1: Discernment, Intuition, and Developing Lightbody Intelligence

               Empath Training and Personal Autonomy

Week 2: HSP Activation

               Playing with Gold Light and the Rainbow Frequencies

Week 3: Group Lightbody Activation

               Exploring Your Lightbodies Layers 1-7

Week 4  Q&A

Level 3: Galactic Mystery School $222

Consists of four 2 hour workshops from August 15-September 5

Level 3 focuses on "mystery school' wisdom for this Ascension cycle, including our connection into our Monadic structure, planetary and galactic grids, ancestral healing, DNA work, planetary and galactic body interference, and more.

Week 1: Energetic Structure & Function of Lightbody  Layers 8-15

               Harmonic Universe and 12 Tree Grid Architecture

Week 2: Axiatonal Lines and Jehovian Seals

               Timeline Healing

Week 3: Ancestral Healing and Genetic Pathcutters

               Codes and DNA Healing

Week 4: Planetary Gridwork