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Things to Do Before and After Your Etheric Attachment Release Appointment

Etheric attachments can only form to the denser parts of your energy field that exist because of stuck energy that's not flowing properly. Here is a good meditation that can charge and balance your energy field, making it difficult for anything to attach to it.

I recommend doing this meditation at least once a day to "clean up" some of the denser energies attached to your field. It can help if you do this a few times before your appointment, and it will definitely help afterward to keep yourself clear. For more meditations like this, visit my YouTube channel here.

Gold and Silver Light Meditation to Balance Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

Here's another great meditation that incorporates breathing techniques and energy work to help release and transmute old stuck trauma that might be getting in the way of your healing. Trauma stuck in the energy field and on a cellular level creates denser areas in your energy field. 

If you find after your clearing that entities keep attaching to specific areas of your body, give this meditation a try. It will help create a "hostile environment" that's too bright and healthy for anything to attach to. 

Meditation to Release Trauma

Learning how to saturate your energy field with gold light is imperative to keeping your energetic field free and clear of entities, implants, and other people's energy that you've empathically sponged. If your energy is flowing freely, and you've claimed all of your space, there's nothing to attach to. This is my "go-to" technique that I use for myself daily.

Gold Light Frequency Immersion Techniques

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