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Empath Training Basics Audio Course

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If you feel drained all the time, get depressed, anxious, or angry for no reason, get sick often, feel overwhelmed in crowds, or get told regularly that you're too sensitive, then you may be an empath and this audio course was designed specifically with you in mind! It will support you in an empowered way with getting a handle on this exceptional gift. **If you already know that you're an empath, but still struggle with this ability, this course may be of benefit to you. I also offer individualized intuitive training if you feel you are already skilled but want to further your abilities. Please visit my website for more information. You'll learn what an empath is, what it means to be highly sensitive, and why you're empathic. You'll gain an understanding of how energetic communication works and receive clear and easy tools to help you learn the difference between what's your "stuff" and other people's. You'll learn a wonderful frequency immersion technique that is more effective than shielding and protection practices, and an emotional self-mastery technique that can help you move through the world with a bit more grace and ease. By the end of the course, you'll have tools that will support you on your journey from being an unskilled empath to a skilled one. You'll feel empowered by your greater control and understanding of your gift. This course is based on my Empath Training session within the Happy Empath Care package I offer. It includes 98 minutes of audio instruction, two meditations, and supportive written materials. You're able to take it at your own pace, so you won't have to wait for a daily lesson drop! All audio includes written transcripts for those who are hard of hearing.

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